Code of Ethics

In order to establish uniformity of standards for student participation, insure consistency of instruction, promulgate sportsmanship, perfect strength of character, and foster an abiding respect for the esoteric principles, which are the foundations of the art of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, each dojo, each instructor, and each member shall be committed to the rules, regulations, and ethics of the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai.

Each member of Shoshin Ryu is expected to exemplify the highest ideals inherent in the art of Jujitsu. Love of parents, respect for teachers and learning, obedience to law, service to humanity, protection of the weak, discrete action, honesty and gentleness – these are the obligations we owe to the community. Modesty, politeness, humility, simplicity, fortitude, dedication, selflessness, moderation in all things – these are the values we owe to ourselves

When we fail to live up to these principles, we bring dishonor both to ourselves and to Shoshin Ryu. This perfection of character is a lifelong commitment. Accordingly, it shall be grounds for removal from the association of any member, student, instructor, or dojo violating any of the following
  1. Using or distributing illegal drugs.
  2. Teaching or training while under the influence of any alcohol or drug which, in the opinion of the senior instructor, may cause harm to any member or student.
  3. Advocating, exhibiting, or participating in any violent, unjustified, unwarranted, or unreasonable aggressive behavior towards any person, another’s property, or any living thing.
  4. Advocating or participating in any criminal offense.
  5. Consistent disrespect for parents, teachers, the dojo, its instructors, or one’s fellow students.
  6. Consistent use of offensive or vulgar language.
  7. Participating in gang activity or gang affiliation.
  8. Advocating or participating in conduct intended to embarrass Shoshin Ryu, any dojo, any instructor, or a fellow student.
  9. Participating in conduct detrimental to the continued welfare of the dojo and Shoshin Ryu.
  10. Unauthorized use of the name of Shoshin Ryu for profit.
  11. Failing to abide by the rules and regulations governing members of Shoshin Ryu