Professor John Cahill

      John Kalei Cahill was born in 1912 inHonolulu, Hawaii.  As a youth he did well in a variety of sports, including volleyball, baseball, swimming, rowing, Sumo, and bowling.

In 1937, John Cahill began attending Professor Okazaki’s jujitsu school.  Through his dedication to training — four hours a day, six days a week — he became one of Professor Okazaki’s most respected students and in 1938 received his shodan.  A year later received his nidan and the mokuroku indicating that he was an instructor.  On July 20, 1941, John Cahill received his diploma certifying him in Seifukujutsu.  Also in 1941 he received a Judo Shodan from the Budokukai in Japan.

After he received his mokuroku, Sensei John Cahill set up his own class at the Kodenkan which he called the Hui Miki Miki — Hawaiian for “lots of pep”.  He taught at the Kodenkan throughout the war years, and also trained many students atHonolulu’s Central YMCA.  His Jujitsu students in the islands included William Ah Moo, William Montero, David Nuuhiwa, and Charlie Kalani, who went on to compete in professional wrestling and act in motion pictures under the name Professor Toru Tanaka.

In 1947, Professor Cahill moved his family from Honolulu to Pacifica, California, a city near San Francisco, and opened a dojo in Daly City.  He later moved this dojo, called Cahill’s Judo Academy, to South San Francisco and taught there for fifteen years.  During this time, he and three other former Professor Okazaki students, Richard Rickerts, Bud Estes, and Ray Law formed the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation.

Professor John Cahill died of kidney failure in 1962 at the age of 50.  His son Willy built a new school in San Bruno in 1963 and named it Cahill’s Judo Academy in honor of his father.