Professor Jack Wheat

 Professor Jack Wheat was born in Seattle, Washington, on February 23, 1919.  He was a former student of Professor William Ah Moo and receieved his instructors scroll from Professor Okazaki.  He trained and instructed at Professor Okazaki’s dojo from 1942 until it closed in 1958.

He was promoted to shodan by Professor Okazaki in 1945.  After three years of training, he graduated from Professor Okazaki’s Nikko Restoration Sanatorium Seifukujitsu in 1945.  Professor Wheat became a member of the Hawaii Shobokan Judo Club in 1950 and in 1953 became the first caucasian in Hawaii, along with Sensei Tony Gonzales, to be promoted to Nidan by the Kodokan in Japan.

He opened the Menehune dojo after joining together with Professor Joseph Holck in 1955 and continued to teach at the dojo on Heamoku Street, Honolulu.  He earned a sandan from the Kodokan in 1957.  In 1959 Professor Wheat was assigned overseas duty and temporarily had to cease teaching classes.  He returned to Hawaii and reopened his dojo and taught until 1972 when he was reassigned to overseas duty this time in Vietnam.

While overseas in Bangkok, Thailand, Professor Wheat studied acupuncture and was awarded a certificate to practice acupuncture in Thailand and Hawaii.  He was appointed by the Governor of Hawaii in 1975 to serve on the first Hawaii Board of Acupuncture.

He was a charter and lifetime member of the American Jujitsu Institute and was elected its first secretary and served two terms as AJI President.  Professor Wheat passed away on October 20, 2004. At the time of his death, he was a Judan and had been inducted into the Jujitsu America, Danzan Ryu,Hawaii Kempo Jujitsu Society, and the AJI Halls of Fame.

Professor Sam Luke (left) and Professor Jack Wheat (right) at the podium during Ohana '94.