Professor Carl Beaver

Professor Beaver was inducted into the Danzan Ryu Hall of Fame in 1992.  He was born July 27, 1921, and began his life-long study of Danzan Ryu in 1940.  He studied both jujitsu and restorative massage while living with Professor Okazaki.

Professor Beaver is a co-founder of Jujitsu America and was technical director of Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai.  He was promoted to the rank of Judan in 1990 and elected into the AJI hall of Fame in 1995.

He Passed away December 11, 1995, in Arizona.

Professor Beaver accepts his Judan Promotion from the American Jujitsu Institute at the Shoshin Ryu Reunion in 1991.


1995 Shoshin Ryu Reunion. Professor Beaver applying a wristlock on Professor Mike Chubb.