Professor Sig Kufferath

Professor Sigfried Kufferath, 10th degree, was co-sensei of the Santa Clara Kodenkan.  He was a former student of Professor Okazaki, former chief sensei of the Kaheka Lane dojo in Hawaii, and was the first professor to be named by the American Jujistu Institute of Hawaii.

He was born Sigfried Kufferath on February 16, 1911, in Honolulu.  His father was a former consulate to Japan from Germany. His mother was Japanese. As many as eleven different languages were spoken in the Kufferath home.

Professor Kufferath began his study of Jujitsu under Prof Okazaki in 1937. He earned his black belt in 1941 and was part of the first graduation class of the American Jujitsu Institute.  He became an official instructor in 1942. Under Professor Okazaki, he studied Chinese stick arts, Kiai, Karate-Jitsu, Nerve arts, Shigen no Maki, Shinyo no Maki, and further studied Naihan No Shodan and Kumite. This was in addition to all the kata arts of Danzan Ryu.  He graduated from Professor Okazaki’s Nikko Restoration Sanatorium Seifuku Jitsu course in 1943.  Professor Okazaki made Kufferath chief instructor of his Kodenkan in the late 1940′s.  He later went on to teach jujitsu at many dojos in Hawaii and on the mainland.  On December 13, 1993, the American Jujitsu Institute promoted Professor Kufferath to Judan.  Professor Kufferath also held black belt ranks in Aikido and Judo.

Following the death of Professor Okazaki, the board of directors of the AJI formally elected Professor Kufferath to succeed Professor Okazaki as head and Professor of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu.  He served in this position from 1952 until 1960, relinquishing the role when he moved to the mainland.

Professor Kufferath passed away at his home in Santa Clara, California, on May 7, 1999, with his family and friends at his side.

At Ohana '90 Professors Chubb, Kufferath, and Jay recieve awards from the Okazaki Family.