Professor William G. Randle

Professor Randle, Kudan, began his training in 1954 in Oakland, California, under Professor Ray Law.  Prof. Randle began teaching at the Santa Monica YMCA in 1959.  He taught there until 1965 when moved to Austin, Texas. He taught at St. Edwards University from 1965 until 1972. Professor Randle returned to California in 1972 and started the Westside YMCA dojo in West Los Angeles where he has been teaching for the last 35 years.

Among the black belts that Professor Randle has promoted are Danzan Ryu Hall of Fame members Professor Mike Chubb and Professor James Marcinkus.


Professor Chubb receives his Hachidan from Professor Randle at Ohana 2004 in Las Vegas


Shoshin Ryu Reunion 2008. Professor Rebmann, Professor Dalrymple (standing), Professor Congistre, Professor Randle