Sensei Charles Wagner

In 1932 Charles Wagner enrolled in the Kodenkan and four years later, on May 29, 1936, Charles Wagner received his instructor’s diploma. On June 4, at a dinner at Professor Okazaki’s home, Sensei Wagner received instruction from Prof. Kosokabe – Professor Okazaki’s instructor – on the history and ethics expected from Judo Instructors. His first class inHonolulu consisted of six students: his son Hachiro, Kiyoshi Kawashima, Benjamin Marks, George Harbottle, William Simao and Y.S. Kim.  Sensei Charles Wagner went on to teach Prof. Bud Estes and Prof. Juan D. Gomez. Sensei Wagner was the first president of the American Jujitsu Guild, which in 1939 became the American Jujitsu Institute.