Professor Bing Fai Lau

Bing Fai Lau was born in Chung Shan,China, on September 23, 1906. He left China fo rHawaii in 1919 at the age of 13. As a student at Iolani High School, he learned English and rose to become Valedictorian. Later he taught Chinese in the schools on Oahu. One of his students was Wah-Lung (Wally) Jay.

In the late 1930′s, he began studying Jujutsu at the Kodenkan. His personal trainers were Sonny Chang and Charlie Wagner. He received his Shodan in 1941 and his Nidan and Mokuroku (instructor’s scroll) on November 3, 1942. During the 1940′s he was an instructor at the Kodenkan and Kaheka Lane dojos. His students included John Chow-Hoon, Kimo Hatchie, and Sam S. Luke. Lau also studied Tai Chi, Kenpo, and Kung-Fu under Bing Nam Yap and Yang Kong Bing.

Sensei Lau taught at the Kodenkan until the late 1940′s. Outside of martial arts, he served Iolani High School in almost every capacity including accountant, business manager, coach, and athletic director.

Grandmaster Lau was still very active in the 1990′s. He taught seminars and had a school in Waikiki. The last persons to study with Grandmaster Lau were Professor George Iversen, Professor Jaime Abregana Jr., and Professor Ronald Abregano.  He had been one of the Senior Advisors for the Hawaii Martial Arts Society. 

Grandmaster Lau passed away on August 3, 1999.