Professor Bill Beach

Professor Beach was born December 15, 1928, in Baxley, Georgia.

He began his martial arts training in 1950 with Professor Ray Law, disciple of Prof. Henry Okazaki and co-founder of the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation.

He continued his martial arts training in Hawaii through the courtesy of Prof. Richard Takamoto, son-in-law and student of Prof. Henry Okazaki. On the mainland, he learned from various instructors, styles, and systems. Professor Beach was a U.S. Navy veteran and he organized the first judo and jujitsu club at the Navel Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1954.

In 1960, he was appointed Southeastern Regional Director by the AJJF, and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 1962.

The AJJF awarded him the title of Professor in 1966. He organized the Kodenkan Karate Association in 1968 in eight states on the mainland, and in 1971 consolidated all of the activities of the Kodenkan Karate Association and the Southeastern Region of the AJJF.

On February 1, 1971, He incorporated the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System and established the national headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

Prof. Beach was ranked as a Judan, 10th Degree Black Belt, in the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, Inc., a Godan (Professor) with the Kodenkan Karate Association, and a Godan (Professor) in Tang Soo Do Karate.

Professor Beach spent his final years active in the development of special programs for the Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu System, Inc., including Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, Submission and Control, Loss Prevention and Risk Management for law enforcement officers and agencies.

Professor Beach passed away on August 16, 2012.

Professor Bill Beach at the 2000 Shoshin Ryu Reunion in Palm Springs