Professor Ramon “Lono” Ancho

Ramon Ancho, Jr. was born September 28, 1928.  He was nine years old when he joined Professor Okazaki’s class.  He studied jujitsu with Professor Okazaki until he left for the service.

Professor Ancho got his first pair of shoes, compliments of the US Army in basic training.  Now he got three meals a day, his own bed, shelter, and money.  When he was young, Professor Ancho never had a bed, he had to sleep where he could.

Professor Ancho did one tour in WWII, two tours in Korea with Special Forces, and six tours in Vietnam with SOG (special operations group). Most SOG missions were 3-7 days, but Professor was in the field for up to four months at a time.

Professor Ancho took over as coach of the West Point Judo Team; they had not won a match in three years.  Three years later, team was undefeated.

Professor Ancho was awarded thirty-seven different military medals.  On Monday, January 27, 2003, Professor Ancho died peacefully in his sleep.  He was seventy-four.