Professor Jane Carr

Professor Jane Carr, Hachidan, began studying jujitsu with sensei Mike Byrne in 1960.  During her martial arts career she studied Modern Arnis-Filipino Stick Play and received a Dayang Isa (first degree black belt) from Joe Bueno.

Professor Carr became school-head of the Redding Jujitsu Academy in 1981.  She received her professorship from the AJJF in 1982.  She is currently the shihan of the Redding Jujitsu Academy, having passed the title of Redding Jujitsu Academy Sensei to her daughter, Sheryl Hager.  Professor Carr was promoted to hachidan (8th Degree) by the AJJF in 2002.

She has been the President of the AJJF and was instrumental in the standardization of the restorative massage certification program in the AJJF.  She currently serves the following roles in the AJJF: Board of Professors Records Secretary, Advisor to the Standards Committee, and is a member of the Senior Professors Council.

Professor Carr is married to Bill Rhyne and is the mother of two daughters and grandmother of five.  She is the highest ranked woman in the AJJF and one of the highest ranked female jujitsuka in the world.


Professor Jane Carr at Ohana '90