Professor James A. Marcinkus

     Professor James Marcinkus, Rokudan, was the co-founder of the Southern California Jujitsu Association. He was also the founder of the Penmar Jujitsu Kai inVenice,California, serving as its chief instructor for seventeen years.

James Anthony Marcinkus was born on September 5, 1948, to Tony and Bertha Marcinkus in Gardner, Massachusetts. At age six, his family moved to Venice, California.

At age ten, Jim began to study jujitsu with Prof. William G. Randle in the Santa Monica YMCA’s “Junior Judo” program.

In 1965, Professor Randle entered the Holy Cross Brotherhood in Texasand Marcinkus took over the Santa Monica YMCA class even though he was a brown belt. The next year, acting in place of Professor Randle, promoted the seventeen year-old Marcinkus to shodan. Marcinkus continued at the Santa Monica YMCA until 1967 when he founded the club at the Penmar Recreation Center in Venice, California.

During Professor Marcinkus’ seventeen years as chief instructor at Penmar, he promoted approximately forty-five black belts and taught over 1000 students.

Marcinkus was a member of the board of the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation until 1980, when he formed the Southern California Jujitsu Association (SCJA).

In 1980, with more than forty schools in his organization, Jim retired from active teaching at the rank of Rokudan and the title of Professor.

Professor Marcinkus served in the Army Reserve for twenty-three years and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  He passed the California Bar Exam in 1981 and worked as a lawyer until his death on February 2, 2000.

1988 in Tucson. Professor Mike Chubb (left), Professor Bill Randle (Center), Professor James Marcinkus (right)