Professor Roy Center

Professor Roy Center began his study of jujitsu while in the Marine Corps in 1961.    All the throws he learned were based on Kodokan Judo which were very similar to the Kodenkan Jujitsu style he would learn later.

After a few years studying Shorin Ryu Karate under Jim Lax, Roy moved to Las Vegas in 1964 where he found Sensei Carl Dudoit.

Roy learned from Sensei Dudoit until 1969, when Dudoit was diagnosed with throat cancer and moved back to Hawaii.

Though he was only an ikkyu, Professor Center was Sensei Dudoit’s highest ranking student and took over the class.

In the intervening years, he made contact with Professor Joe Holck, who would help Roy earn his shodan.

During his lifetime, Professor Center would have to opportunity to learn from nearly every high ranking professor in Danzan Ryu and Toshitaka Yamauchi and Seigoro Murikami, both original students of Jigoro Kano.

In 1994 Professor Center was the driving force behind Ohana ’94, one of the most intensely attended Ohanas ever.  Through Professor Rawlin Blake, they were able to secure the gymnasium on the campus of UNLV for the event, thus ensuring there would be enough space for everything.

Professor Center ran a commercial dojo in Las Vegas in the mid 1990s.  It closed after two-and-a-half years because, as he put it, “I’m a jujitsu teacher, not a businessman.”

After his dojo closed he worked out some with Professor Chubb.

He no longer works out as vigorously as he used to.  Today he splits his time between Las Vegas and Kingston, Nevada, but he is spending more and more of his time in Kingston these days.

From Left to Right: Prof. Clyde Zimmerman, Sensei Mike Chubb, Professor Roy Center, Professor William Fischer in 1997