Professor Daniel W. Saragosa

Professor Daniel W. Saragosa was born in Hilo, Hawaii on June 21, 1950. His early years were spent in Kalihi and in Waianae, where he excelled in many sports. He was a Class “A” amateur fighter for five years – losing only one match during that time In high school, co-captain of the Waianae High School basketball team along with Francisco Limbago Jr. – son of AJI President Francisco Limbago, an all-state linebacker for two years, the first-ever state champion for Waianae High School in track and field, and was named the Oahu Interscholastic outstanding track person of the year in 1968.

Professor Saragosa began studying Kenpo Karate in 1962 under Professor Ernest Rodrigues, former vice president of the AJI. He was undefeated in tournament kumite competition for over eight years. He has been a member of American Jujitsu Institute since 1965. Professor Saragosa started training in jujitsu with Prof. Francisco Limbago in 1968 and received his Shodan on December 3, 1970.

He worked for the Honolulu Police Department and spent the next twenty-eight years serving the greater Honolulu area. He retired in 1998.

Professor Saragosa is the chief instructor at the Wahiawa Kodenkan, where he instructs in Kodenkan Jujitsu, Koshoryu Kenpo, Okazaki Restorative Massage, and Hawaiian Style Grappling. Currently he is a Kudan and vice-president of the American Jujitsu Institute.

Professor Saragosa with the Wahaiwa Team Trophy at Ohana '94