Professor Mel Cansibog

Began his training at the age of 15 under the tutelage of Professor Francisco Limbago. He became Professor Limbago’s first black belt.

Professor Cansibog graduated from Waianae High School and joined the U.S. Air Force. He was able to travel the world and practice Karate in Illinois and Karate and Judo in Okinawa. Served fourteen years of active service in the air force.

Returned to Hawaii in 1992 and along with Professor Limbago, continued the Waianae Jujitsu Dojo.

Has more than 30 years of experience in Kodenkan Jujitsu and martial arts. He is certified by Professor Jack Wheat in Okazaki Massage and Restoration Therapy.

Professor Cansibog at Ohana 2012 in Honolulu